Fore: Shades of Prey

Fore: Shades of Prey

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How life changes in an instance. An single event can irrevocably change not only ones destiny but ones persona, psyche and outlook. Meet Ben: Thief, bodybuilder and Arnie fan with visions of being The Terminator. Undergoes a life changing event that takes his destiny in a whole new direction. Russell: Ageing boss of an East End firm struggling to stay in charge a€œfor a few more yearsa€. Tomo: Feared general in the firm with ambitions to take over. Instigates a power struggle to depose the boss. Richter: Hardened enforcer, Tomoa€™s right hand man, philosopher, pervert. Shaz the spaz: The unlikeliest antihero. Guy: Accountant, financial whizz kid, scamster; Russella€™s number two - being groomed to take over. Plays a pivotal role in the power struggle when a life changing experiences turns the world upside down. Nav: a€œThe man with the golden handa€; A fashionable and sophisticated gangster with three testicles. Reputed to be able to procure anything a€œat the agreed price, at the agreed timea€.1080p HD, 3D compatible, 100 hertz, built in freeview tuner, three HDMI sockets and if you go for it today, Ia#39;ll throw in a free wall ... He just wanted to know if this Samsung television on managera#39;s special offer had the inputs that would allow him to connect his ... a€œErr no, can you get the manual for me please, I want to check.

Title:Fore: Shades of Prey
Author:Stephen K.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-04-02


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