Force on Force

Force on Force

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Force on Force brings the drama and action of modern warfare to the tabletop using miniature soldiers. The rules cover all aspects of modern warfare from the confidence and supply level of troops to air-strikes and off-board artillery and accommodates scenarios set anywhere from the end of World War II to the conflicts on today's news without sacrificing either character or playability. Quick to learn and play, the game rewards players who use well-considered modern tactics to try and achieve victory. From infantry and armour to artillery and air support, Force on Force presents everything that players need to recreate post-World War II warfare between conventional, combined-arms forces. The book also contains the Ambush Alley rules that allow players to recreate the intense counterinsurgency actions in an urban environment that have become the hallmark of 21st century warfare.Draw Fog of War Cards Some scenarios dictate that one or both sides draw a Fog of War card before the first turn. ... First Aid b. Arrival of Reinforcements ( starting on turn 2 or as dictated by the scenario) c. Declare (and test for) unbuttonedanbsp;...

Title:Force on Force
Author:Shawn Carpenter, Robby Carpenter
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2011


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