Forbidden Psychological Tactics

Forbidden Psychological Tactics

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How to Use qPsychological Tacticsq to Motivate, Influence, and Persuade People to Open their Wallets and Give You Money! Discover the Amazing Persuasion Secrets that the Authorities Want Banned! By Dan Lok, The World's First Quick-Turn Marketer Imagine knowing how the human mind works... having the power to influence and motivate people at will to buy your products and services... what would that be worth to you? As you read every word of this web page, you will experience first-hand and quickly discover highly controversial persuasion secrets that will boggle your mind... and the mind of any prospect you target. I will reveal 27 ways you can use psychological tactics to induce people to pull out their credit cards and buy from you - and, more importantly, how you can use these tactics to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales. How qForbidden Psychological Tacticsq Was Born! I uncovered many of these tactics as a result of my ability to sell a product or service through the power of my words. I am a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant known as The Copywriting Whiz Kid and the qfatherq of Quick-Turn Marketing. I have written hundreds of money-making ads and sales letters for more than 39 industries. Heck, who knowsa€b you may even have been qsoldq with some of the irresistible copies I have written. qDan Lok tells you critical marketing facts that would take years to learn in the real world. He pulls no punches as he shows you clearly how to seriously increase your profits while sidestepping the many mistakes made by ordinary marketers.q -- Jay Conrad LevinsonThe Father of Guerrilla Marketing Author, qGuerrilla Marketingq series of books Over 14 million sold; now in 39 languages qIf you would like to create a huge, electrifying surge in your cash flow, Dan Lok's Quick-Turn Marketing is an absolute must! It is an encyclopedia of specific laser beam strategies of how to market your business NOW. I highly recommend it!q -- Joe Vitale, world famous copywriter, best-selling author of the most influential books on marketing Spiritual Marketing, and Hypnotic Writing, and founder of the renowned The Hypnotic Marketing Institute. qDan Lok is to copywriting and marketing what Tiger Woods is to golf, or Donald Trump is to Real Estate! I have never seen anyone write with such impact. He has an extraordinary way of capturing people's attention through the written word. Dan knows writing AND he knows marketing. Most importantly, he is a man who can do exactly what he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he will - and do it with absolute integrity and honesty. If you want to Make It BIG in business, Dan Lok is your man. He has my highest recommendation.q -- Frank McKinney qThe World's Premier Creator of Oceanfront Multi-Million Dollar Estate Homesq Best-Selling Author, qMake It BIG! qDan, you are amazing! I love your work! I am so impressed with your wizard-like creative abilities! What you called qkiller copyq is truly killer copy! I was fascinated reading it! Fact isa€bI know it may be my own product, but you wrote such a compelling sales letter that I even want to order it from ME! you are first class!!!q -- Raymond Aaron Canada's #1 Business a Investment Coach Co-Author, qChicken Soup For The Canadian Soulq qDan really knows marketing. it is obvious from the first time you talk to him. Unlike many marketers with ideas of what 'might' work, Dan *knows* what will and won't work, because he has the experience to back it up. Dan also over-delivers like no one else I have met. If he says he will give you $1000 worth of advice, you can bet that what he will give you is worth $2, 000, $3, 000 or more. (If you follow it of course) Dan's insights into what you need to do to encourage people to buy from you are second to none. To be blunt, if you ignore what he says you might as well go and flush thousands of dollars down the toilet - That is what you are losing in sales by not following his advice!q -- Jason Anderson Over the years, I studied the ads that achieved record-breaking response. I have learned which approaches work, which approaches fail, and -- here is the secret you won't get anywhere else -- WHY they work. I have Identified 27 Irresistible Emotional Triggers That Inspire and Influence People to DESIRE Your Product and Service and Consequently BUY it. I call them - Forbidden Psychological Tactics. Missing Link Revealed! The Mental Code That Causes Buying Decisions Finally Cracked! Through the effective the use of mind-bending psychological tactics, I have sold over 17.3 million dollars of merchandise and services by mail, e-mail, retail and websites. Actually it is more like 20 milliona€b but you probably would not believe me if I use a round number like that. Why? People in general are very skeptical about advertising and often do not believe many of the claims stated in ads. But when you make a specific claim using exact figures, your message is much more credible and consumers trust What is credible. Congratulations! you have just learned your first Forbidden Psychological Tactic right there - Specificity. Being specific instead of generalizing will make a dramatic difference in the believability of your sales pitch. Using specifics in selling super-charges your sales message to make it more effective. I have to warn you. These psychological tactics are so powerful, so effective at manipulating the sub-conscious of the consumer, that they will give you an unfair advantage in dealing with people who are not aware of these mind-influencing concepts. Actually, I would not be surprised if they are banned from mainstream marketing in the near future. Therefore, I urge you... Use Forbidden Psychological Tactics only with the highest ethical intentions in mind. A Peak Behind the Curtain If you are curious as to what you will find in Forbidden Psychological Tactics, here is a sneak-peak: How to create the qgotta have itq feeling in your prospects! The magical way to melt away sales resistance -- it is slam-dunk easya€b when you know HOW! How to subtly seduce your prospects to and stimulate a qcravingq for your product or service - even if it never occurred to them to buy from you! How to tap into the qprimalq buying emotions of your prospects at will! The conversational way to get your prospect to experience the positive emotions and intense feelings of having what you are selling so they are naturally and automatically compelled to buy right now! How to instantly establish rapport and make your prospects feel like they've known your forever, so they will trust you like an old friend! How to convince others successfully and effortlessly, and how to get them to say, qYes, Masterq and obey your hidden suggestions without resistance! The amazing secrets to making objections meaningless even before they come up - it'll surprise you how easy this is when you know this tactic! How to create mesmerizing stories and scenarios that grab the attention of your reader, and hold them captive all the way to the order page! How adding the power of validation with qsocial proofq in your sales message can make you rich! When to use qsex appealq to generate buying frenzies that are hot, hot, HOT! How to infuse qproof powerq into your sales letters to transform them into magnetic sales message that rack up the profits and bring in the bucks! Little-known tactics that will alter the mindset of your prospects, and make them unable to resist what you are offering! How to create magnetic copy that will draw anyone to you instantly! A stunning way to guarantee that your prospect never feels buyer's remorse - use this once and you will be blown away at how effective it is! The qsuper excitementq closing technique that leaves your prospects so motivated that they literally close themselves! A simple technique to send your prospect's objections into the pasta€b where they belong! Unleash the power of 'pseudo-logic' and get your prospect to justify their purchase from you for all their own 'logical' reasons! How to crack open your prospect's subconscious mind and make them receptive to your suggestions! The fastest way to help loosen your prospect's mental buying defences and give them confidence in purchasing! How to arouse your prospects inner buying feelings! How to influence your prospect's mind to absorb and believe your information! How to bypass your prospects' conscious and qhypnotizeq their subconscious mind to order your product or service! Open the floodgates of your prospect's mind and ride the wave straight to your order form! And much, much more! Let's Cut to the Chase By now, I am sure you are beginning to understand why you really need to have this information. As I know you can see agree, if your competitors have this information and you do not - you are a sitting duck. I know you would rather be a successful qhaveq than a left-in-the-dust qhave-not.q And I am positive you would rather have this information so you can use it to outsell your competition and potentially get rich in the process, then not have it and let someone else cash-in. Look at your watch -- it is time for you to acquire these closely guarded persuasion strategies and unleash tidal wave after tidal wave of profits. Simply get your hands on my ebook today at the special discounted introductory price of $5.95. Within 3 minutes, you will get the book as a PDF file, which you can read online, or print and read at your desk, on the train, or even at the beach. Instant Learning! You Can Literally Generate More Sales Before The Sun Goes Down! That is how quickly you will learn and apply the powerful tactics in this book As you already know, just one tactic, just ONE, can explode your business. Use several of them and watch your bottom line from red to black. Use all of them, and get ready to join the Forbes 500!!! Is Doubt Holding You Back? It doesn't have to. here is my iron-clad guarantee: If Forbidden Psychological Tactics isn't worth at least ten times what you paid for it, return it within 90 days for a prompt and courteous refund. you have got nothing to lose and so much to gain -- money, success, and all the time in the world to enjoy it. But wait, I want to make this a no-brainer, soa€b 3 Priceless Bonus Gifts Are Yours FREE a€b If You Take Action NOW!!! When you order Forbidden Psychological Tactics right now, you can also have these 3 eye-opening, very revealing, and worth-their-weight-in-gold FREE BONUSES: FREE Bonus #1: 177 Emotional Provoking Words That Can Trigger Your Prospects' Emotions And Persuade Them To Buy Your Product - A massive collection of qmagicq words that will grab your prospect's attention and persuade them to buy what you sell NOW! (A $6.65 valuea€b yours FREE) FREE Bonus #2: The Top-Secret Persuasive Quotient Checklist - do not even think about running an ad or sales letter until you put it through this checklist. This incredible checklist has been called qkiller app of psychological tactics.q Use it to pre-test the persuasive quotient of your sales messages. (A $10.15 valuea€b yours FREE) FREE Bonus #3: How to Insert Embedded Commands into Your Sentences to Compel People to Act Now! - These are so sneakya€b your prospects will never see them coming! But your bottom line will make it clear that they really, really work. (A $10.15 valuea€b yours FREE) you have Got What It Takes! Since you have read this far, I can see that you realize just how valuable Forbidden Psychological Tactics is - and how many ways you can benefit from it. you are exactly the kind of person I was thinking of when I created this resource, and exactly the kind of person I want to do business with! That is why I am reminding you that if you take advantage of this risk-free offer today, you will instantly process the ability to turn on a buying frenzy at will and influence people to buy your products and services as if they were your personally controlled qrobotsq! Not for the Timid -- Forbidden Psychological Tactics is a Blockbuster Are you ready to try it nowa€brisk-free?Warning: The psychological tactics described in this manual are so effective...and so irresistible, theya#39;ll give you an unfair advantage in dealing ... Oh sure, you may be see through a car salesmana#39;s warning that someone else is ready to buy the a#39;63 Mustang youa#39;ve been eyeing. ... And why are you looking at a vintage Mustang when a 1986 Toyota Corolla would get you to and from work?

Title:Forbidden Psychological Tactics
Author:Dan Lok
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