For Girls Only

For Girls Only

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Hey, Girls! Wanna have some fun? Here is a collection of everything great about being a girl! Are you ready to give the best sleepover party ever? Or the best pedicure? Make fortune-tellers, friendship bracelets, and collages? You'll learn about the coolest women in history, sports, and science. The greatest chick flicks to watch with your girlfriends and the best girl songs for dancing. Plus, there's real-life advice: how to be a responsible baby-sitter, get a summer job, remember your locker combo, and . . . save the world (as only a girl could do). You go, girl!|||||||-|-||M|| N A WORLD OF BLOGS AND MySpace pages, some old-fashioned traditions like writing letters (on paper! oh my!) ... If U BU and I BI Ita#39;s EZ to C the reason Y I like U and U like I. Maybe next time you sign a yearbook or write a message on the ... TNAME GAME HENIWAS IN FIFTH GRADE, I had autograph books, .

Title:For Girls Only
Author:Laura Dower
Publisher:Macmillan - 2015-07-07


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