Food Irradiation

Food Irradiation

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Introduction (R. Molins). Radiation Inactivation of Microorganisms (J. Dickson). Food Irradiation Chemistry (E. Stewart). Disinfestation of Stored Grains, Pulses, Dried Fruits and Nuts, and Other Dried Foods (M. Ahmed). Irradiation as a Quarantine Treatment (G. Hallman). Irradiation of Meats and Poultry (R. Molins). Irradiation Processing of Fish and Shellfish Products (M. Kilgen). Irradiation of Fruits and Vegetables (P. Thomas). Irradiation of Tuber and Bulb Crops (P. Thomas). Irradiation of Minimally Processed Foods (J. Farkas). Radiation Decontamination of Spices, Herbs, Condiments, and Other Dried Food Ingredients (J. Farkas). Combination Treatments Involving Food Irradiation (M. Patterson). Development of Irradiated Shelf- Stable Meat and Poultry Products (D. Thayer). Detection Methods for Irradiated Foods (E. Stewart). Process Control and Dosimetry in Food Irradiation (D. Ehlermann). Economic and Technical Considerations in Food Irradiation (P. Kunstadt). Global Status of Food Irradiation in 2000 (R. Molins). Index.The check on the first of these factors is fairly routine. since the influence of source decay and replenishment are well known. and the size ... There is no essential difference with regard to this factor for the isotopes cobah-60 and cesium-137.

Title:Food Irradiation
Author:R. A. Molins
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2001-05-24


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