Flying Rc Models

Flying Rc Models

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Back in the mid 1960's after finishing my education I took up my old hobby again. First I tried single channel with rubber powered compound escapements moving the rudder. One pulse for right rudder, two for left and three pulses activated the secondary escapement for a one stage change throttle setting. A one stage change meant the throttle moved from, for instance, low to medium. Every time the throttle setting required adjustment the whole sequence was repeated all over again. Fifty years later we have graduated to Spektra computer radios with fully programmable features and settings for seven channels. With enough memory to store data for 10 different aircraft, fixed and rotary wing types all this on 2.4 gigahertz frequency so that dozens of models can operate in the same vicinity simultaneously without any interference. Now its a different world; radio control model flying can be anything that you want it to be, with the potential of being ten times more exciting than flying full size aircraft. You will see all types of models, from the most simple to the most complex model aircraft in these almost 300 pages.The modified SYNCHROGYRO Model Airplane as published in Model Builder Magazine in September 1979. Designed by George Chaulet to be flown with 2 channel RC controls for the engine and rudder and said to be simple to fly. This is anbsp;...

Title:Flying Rc Models
Author:David Crocker
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