Flying Boat

Flying Boat

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The Flying Boat is an account of the adventures of the sole survivor of an interplanetary space expedition. After traveling back in time he crashes in the Inca, where he lives and becomes one of them. His high-tech knowledge and tools enable him to become a high-ranking Inca, marries Inca princess, and becomes an emperor himself. The Flying Boat is an artful blend of adventure, history, high technology and fiction with actual remains. It challenges the incredulous to come up with another explanation of the evidence left by the Incas accomplishments.I reviewed the on screen instruction manual and following its prompts, applied the input sensors to the uncle as I entered the observable symptoms into the computer. The readout displayed the sickness as pneumonia with a collapsed lunganbsp;...

Title:Flying Boat
Author:Andreas, REPLICA BOOKS
Publisher:Mind Adventure Books - 2006-04


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