First Frontier

First Frontier

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The year is 2015. The USA is about to put men on Mars. The Frontier Project is nearly complete. Or is it? Moments before lift off, the project is in peril - ripe to be sold to the highest bidder. Private industry will make it to Mars to unlock her secrets. Only the Deputy Director of the Frontier Project, Vicky Hawthorne, can expose the conspiracy. Killers lurk in the shadows, following her every move.They will find her.They will kill her.Time is running out.At NASA Langley Research Center, three scientists make a startling discovery. A computer tape from the Viking Missions indicates a previously discovered - then covered up - piece of data. Before the scientists can begin the analysis of the complex metal, they are silenced.Halfway across the world on the remote island of Pohnpei, an archaeological team uncovers Egyptian artifacts. The ancient City of Nan Madol has more secrets yet to be discovered.Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.He flew through Davidson College, mastering the small computer department at the liberal arts school, and in the process of waltzing to his degree, he broke every honor code they ... His antiques, a Ferrari and Mercedes Benz, had been placed in storage, thank god, avoiding certain defilement. ... As Thompson recalled, his ink Thompson sat in his new Ford Focus with the radio playing, the soft squeakyanbsp;...

Title:First Frontier
Author:Paul Heisel - 2004-04-01


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