First Friend: Thomas Jefferson - Kindle Edition

First Friend: Thomas Jefferson - Kindle Edition

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FIRST FRIEND uses a Facebook theme to creatively retell Thomas Jeffersona€™s (TJa€™s) life story. By imagining the past in our present, we can bring one of the greatest thinkers in our countrya€™s history into our present world; we can experience what it would be like to a€œfrienda€ Thomas Jefferson, our third President of the United States (1801-1809), and learn from his extraordinary legacy. The new eBook format allows readers young and old to experience Mr. Jefferson and learn about our third President in a whole new way. Thanks to wallposts and tweets, it is possible to get to know TJ, his family and friends, as well as important political events in our countrya€™s history. Professor Larry J. Sabato, Director, University of Virginia Center of Politics, says, a€œI-pad and stylus replace the quill pen and parchment in Kathleen Reida€™s innovative retelling of the events of Mr. Jeffersona€™s life. As one of the most creative technophiles of his time, no doubt Mr. Jefferson would have employed todaya€™s social media wisely, and perhaps in much the same manner as the author imagines.a€Jefferson studied grammar and mathematics, and learned to read and write Latin and Greek. ... distractions, even at a young age, Jefferson thrived on learning; and he developed a lifelong love for books and the knowledge they represented.

Title:First Friend: Thomas Jefferson - Kindle Edition
Author:Kathleen Reid
Publisher:Kathleen Reid - 2014-02-11


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