Fine Particle Separation in a Riser with Flow Modifications

Fine Particle Separation in a Riser with Flow Modifications

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Fine particle separation is of great interest in industry. Coal and mineral processing industries are currently very interested in particle separation for its potential in cleaning coal matter. A circulating fluidized bed riser system has been constructed to investigate possible separation of coal containing pyrite from clean coal. The system was constructed to operate using compressed air in which an air-solid mixture would pass through the riser and the solids would enter in to a dense, product, or filter collection bin. Several different variables were investigated during the project such as the collection ring wall height, particle entrance size into the riser, and mass flux of particles into the riser. By changing the particle entrance into the riser, and changing the ratio of nozzle flow and particle mass flux, a jet style flow could be achieved. The objective of this investigation was to observe how changing the flow field in a circulating fluidized bed would affect particle separation.To find the lower bound of the superficial gas velocity for the regime boundaries, the following equation is used: 078 .0 311.0 G gd U = tf p ... A basic diagram of this nature is shown from Almond (2005) below in Figure 2.4.1.a.

Title:Fine Particle Separation in a Riser with Flow Modifications
Author:Bryan M. Wimer
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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