Finding the Balance Between Schoolhouse and On-the-job Training

Finding the Balance Between Schoolhouse and On-the-job Training

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The Air Force typically trains 30, 000 to 40, 000 new airmen in some 300 specialties each year. It utilizes two methods for training its enlistees: centralized initial skills training (IST, or qschoolhouseq training) and decentralized on-the-job training (OJT). All too often, only IST costs are considered when qpricingq training, seriously underestimating the overall cost to train an airman. When all the costs are considered, including those of OJT, decisions related to the length of IST can be better informed. To determine the most cost-effective combination of IST and OJT, the authors developed a methodology based on a cost-benefit analysis of seven Air Force specialties. From a statistical analysis of data taken from surveys of senior enlisted personnel, they were able to assess how productivity changes when IST course length changes and to make recommendations concerning the IST course lengths that would produce the most productive airmen for the least possible cost.155) 2A3X3A (F-15 Tactical Aircraft Maintenance): a€œMaintains tactical aircraft, support equipment, and forms and records. Performs and supervises flight chief, expediter, crew chief, repair and reclamation, quality assurance, and maintenanceanbsp;...

Title:Finding the Balance Between Schoolhouse and On-the-job Training
Author:Thomas Manacapilli
Publisher:Rand Corporation - 2007


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