Finding Helen

Finding Helen

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In his late 40s, in a career and a marriage that have each lost their lustre, Chris Gale is someone to whom life never quite kept its promise. One morning, as he is leaving for work, he hears a song on the radio: a song that transports him back to an altogether better, happier time - the early 1970s, when youth, idealism and music, especially the music of singer-songwriter Helen Leonard, might have chnaged the world. Haunted by a raw sense of loss and a growing resentment at how life has turned out, Chris - goaded on by the mysterious, elusive apparition of the 'Beagle Man' - begins a physical, spiritual and emotional quest. Revisiting old haunts and old memories, he searches for an answer to a question that has haunted him, unanswered, for nearly 30 years: what did Fate hold in store for the woman he devoted himself to so entirely all those years ago - the maddening, mercurial, mischievous Helen Leonard... Witty, elegiac, affecting and, as the narrative unrolls, increasingly disturbing, FINDING HELEN is a novel about the consequences of loss - of innocence, idealism and youth, a novel about memory and obsession, betrayal and forgiveness and what might lie beyond the veil...she bellows, then flops resignedly into my arms. Did she see? She must have seen. She whines, moistly, hiccoughing. a#39;Come on, Chrisa€”a#39; I ... Lesley clutches at me. Her face ... a#39;What do you mean, a€œlikea€?a#39; Lesley ... There was a dark blue Ford Fiesta at the pump in front of me. In the back ... I checked the last leg of my journey, scratching my jaw with both hands. Across the ... Soon, there was no more traffic.

Title:Finding Helen
Author:Colin Greenland
Publisher:Random House - 2012-02-29


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