Fifty Years of the Research and theory of R.s. Lazarus

Fifty Years of the Research and theory of R.s. Lazarus

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A collection of the articles written by the author throughout his extensive career, this book achieves three goals. First, it reprints selected research and theory papers on stress and coping from the 1950s to the present produced by Lazarus under five rubrics: his dissertation; perennial epistemological issues including the revolt of the 1940s and 1950s; his transition from laboratory to field research; the clinical applications of stress and coping; and expanding stress to the emotions. Second, it provides a running commentary on the origination of the issues discussed, what was occurring in psychology when the work was done, and where the work led in the present. Third, it integrates various themes about which psychologists debate vociferously, often without recognizing the intellectual bases of these differences.Ithasthree subsections: Section A deals with Motion Picture Filmsas Stressors. The major feature of my progression toward field research, a conservativefirst step , was my attempt to use movies asa more natural way of arousing stress while remaining in the laboratory to ... Section A, Focus On Denial, offers two discourses.

Title:Fifty Years of the Research and theory of R.s. Lazarus
Author:Richard S. Lazarus
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2013-06-17


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