Fifty Major Economists

Fifty Major Economists

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An introduction to the life, work and ideas of the people who have shaped the economic landscape from the sixteenth century to the present day. Now in a third edition, it considers how major economists might have viewed challenges such as the continuing economic slump, high unemployment and the sovereign debt problems which face the world today, it includes entries on: a€c Paul Krugman a€c Hyman Minsky a€c John Maynard Keynes a€c Adam Smith a€c Irving Fisher a€c James Buchanan Fifty Major Economists contains brief biographical information on each featured economist and an explanation of their major contributions to economics, along with simple illustrations of their ideas. With reference to the recent work of living economists, guides to the best of recent scholarship and a glossary of terms, Fifty Major Economists is an ideal resource for students of economics. Steven Pressman is Professor of Economics and Finance at Monmouth University. He has published around 120 articles in refereed journals and as book chapters, and has authored, or edited 13 books, including Women in the Age of Economic Transformation, Economics and Its Discontents, Alternative Theories of the State, and Leading Contemporary Economists.Since machinery is a reproducible good, its value gets determined by the direct andindirect labor needed to produceit.By goingback in ... Butifit took threetimesas much labor to produce a boat, the boat would cost three timesasmuch asthe car.

Title:Fifty Major Economists
Author:Steven Pressman
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-08-22


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