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Fifty-Fifty, The Clarity of Hindsight is a compilation of the lessons learned by a fifty-year-old lawyer, wife, mother, daughter of immigrant parents, traveler, survivor and thriver, though not of course always in that order. Apropos of the title, Fifty-Fifty contains fifty chapters, recounts many fascinating travel vignettes and astute observations, reflects on interesting work-related a€œwara€ stories and is often hilarious a€“ as only truth can be a€“ and sometimes heartbreaking, as life sometimes is. First Runner Up Winner at The 2013 Paris Book Festival. qWhether you are 50, 30 or 80, this book will sweep you up in its humor and insight. The author makes her gripping life experiences and relationships relevant to everyone, and humanizes in a way that allows us all to feel that her stories are our stories. Even people who have not traveled as much as the author will find a connection to the feelings and realizations that she draws from her extensive travels. You'll laugh, cry and scream all at once because the lessons are so poignant, so right, and so irreverent. It's a good read!q a€“ Professor Rebecca Brown, USC School of Law qHindsight is 100 percent.q a€“ The Beach Reporter qReading this book is like listening to an interesting passenger sitting next to you on a flighta€”someone who knows about where you might be going geographically and where you are coming from in your life. Fifty lessons later you not only have received useful life lessons, but have read a memoir of a life lived well and learned about people and cultures around the world..... The author writes with a sharp wit and a fluid and engaging writing style. There's a lot of extra value in Fifty-Fifty.q a€“ Will Lutwick, Author of the award winning book Dodging Machetes. qUpon turning fifty, Julie Kessler recounts ... lessons she learned throughout life in her memoir consisting of fifty well-written essays. I think Fifty-Fifty, The Clarity of Hindsight will give readers the courage to evaluate what they have learned from life.q a€“ JD Jung, Editor-In-Chief, UnderratedReads.comFastforward tothat womana#39;s now eightysevenyearold daughter, keeping in touchwith me and others onher shiny, oneyearold iPad. ... AndIamtyping awayon athreepound netbook and keeping in touch with lovedones afar via Skype. ... in my profession as a lawyer, have been monumentala€”from black, manual typewriters with correctiontape, toIBM Correcting Selectrics and Dictaphones, to computers.

Author:Julie L Kessler
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2012-11-30


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