Field-Programmable Logic and Applications. The Roadmap to Reconfigurable Computing

Field-Programmable Logic and Applications. The Roadmap to Reconfigurable Computing

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This book is the proceedings volume of the 10th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and its Applications (FPL), held August 27 30, 2000 in Villach, Austria, which covered areas like reconfigurable logic (RL), reconfigurable computing (RC), and its applications, and all other aspects. Its subtitle qThe Roadmap to Reconfigurable Computingq reminds us, that we are currently witnessing the runaway of a breakthrough. The annual FPL series is the eldest international conference in the world covering configware and all its aspects. It was founded 1991 at Oxford University (UK) and is 2 years older than its two most important competitors usually taking place at Monterey and Napa. FPL has been held at Oxford, Vienna, Prague, Darmstadt, London, Tallinn, and Glasgow (also see: http://www. fpl. uni kl. de/FPL/). The New Case for Reconfigurable Platforms: Converging Media. Indicated by palmtops, smart mobile phones, many other portables, and consumer electronics, media such as voice, sound, video, TV, wireless, cable, telephone, and Internet continue to converge. This creates new opportunities and even necessities for reconfigurable platform usage. The new converged media require high volume, flexible, multi purpose, multi standard, low power products adaptable to support evolving standards, emerging new standards, field upgrades, bug fixes, and, to meet the needs of a growing number of different kinds of services offered to zillions of individual subscribers preferring different media mixes.To test the Ethernet controller in a real environment, we have developed an extension card, which contains the physical Ethernet layer. ... P. Berenbrink, A. Brinkmann, C. Scheideler: Design of the PRESTO Multimedia Data Storage Network, Proc. of the Workshop on ... Motorola: MMC2001 Reference Manual ( 1998). 9.

Title:Field-Programmable Logic and Applications. The Roadmap to Reconfigurable Computing
Author:Reiner W. Hartenstein, Herbert Grünbacher
Publisher:Springer - 2003-06-29


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