Fico Is a Four Letter Word

Fico Is a Four Letter Word

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The genesis of the sub prime fiasco that resulted in this catastrophic financial melt down began with flawed credit reports. These were the bed rock upon which this house of cards was constructed. But the big question is how could these villains have escaped censure during the media blitz of the past year that blamed anyone remotely responsible? This gold standard of the FICO scores fails even base metal quality. How can these most malignant contributors be over looked and forgotten? Just how have they seemingly totally escaped criticism? Proof of inflation FICO scores is the elephant outside that is evidenced by the millions and millions of existing bad loans complete with documentation. Proof of misdeeds are legend. No conversation will be sufficient to offset these lies accepted as gospel. FICO is a four letter word explains it all.Comcast collector insisted he had a signed contract with McNeal. He was told, produce the ... There is one salient point here and that is do not ask for the world when estimating your damages. Five hundred or a ... Even if its illegal to record it may not be such a bad idea. Knowing you have ... He was forced to go out of state to find the 1977 tenant and obtain an affidavit to confirm his claim. After providinganbsp;...

Title:Fico Is a Four Letter Word
Author:Robert Steele
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-05-28


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