Feminist Cyberspaces

Feminist Cyberspaces

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Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition is a collection of essays exploring the ways in which new media technologies are being used in the feminist a€œclassroom.a€ The collection has been structured to reflect the multifaceted nature of education today. Learning takes place on a personal level through independent study and social media; it takes place at a local level in our classrooms and lecture halls, but it is also increasingly taking place on a global scale as new technologies foster international collaboration between individuals and organizations. In addition, there is a growing acceptance of learning in the collaborative 3D classrooms of virtual worlds. These educational spaces are not mutually exclusive, as the contributions to this volume make clear. The anthology explores how technology is being used in antiviolence teaching, art education, HIV and AIDS education, and other specialized topics, but it also gives many examples of innovations in teaching introductory courses. The technology used ranges from the implementation of course management systems for large university classes to the use of digital storytelling in small groups outside the university. It also explores technology for removing barriers to people with disabilities in both traditional and online classrooms. The collection is not a a€œhow toa€ book, but it does use practical experience as a basis for feminist theorizing of the classroom. All of the essays look at the use of new technology in the light of feminist pedagogy, seeking new ways to foster provocative, creative and non-hierarchical learning that transcends the physical boundaries of the university.For the second step, students submit a five- to seven-page paper that provides a critical analysis of the images submitted for ... I use articles from the text for this class, which incorporates personal narratives and research as good examples.

Title:Feminist Cyberspaces
Author:Sharon Collingwood, Alvina E. Quintana, Caroline J. Smith
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2012-01-17


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