Feast for the Journey

Feast for the Journey

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Feast for the Journey is an enriching guide for individuals and small groups who want creative ways to cultivate a meaningful life in the midst of hectic and uncertain times. If you long for a renewed spark, clearer direction, more confidence in your choices, fresh ways to make a difference, and self-care that isn't self-ish, Feast for the Journey offers four soul-satisfying, hands-on courses that will lead you through: An eye-opening self-assessment that reveals what's most important in your life's story. Four new practices to help you cultivate a life that matters-starting wherever you are. Practical tips for finding and freeing your voice in love, work, and everyday life. Creative ways to celebrate and honor the changes and seasons you're going through. On whatever path you find yourself, Feast for the Journey invites you to try a new vision and direction for moving forward-all in a nourishing, peaceful, and creative setting. KAREN LEE TURNER has designed, taught, and refined the courses offered in Feast for the Journey for more than twenty years. An artist, musician, college professor, and retreat leader, she has a doctorate in education from Peabody of Vanderbilt University and writes in her backyard studio qshedq in Nashville, Tennessee. She is joined by NEVIN COMPTON TRAMMELL, career expert, poet, activist, and author of Cream Soda Blues. He is a licensed clinical social worker with a doctorate from Vanderbilt University. qWhether you're starting out, starting over, or somewhere in-between, Feast for the Journey is a rare book for anyone wondering, 'What's next in my life?'q -Joe Calloway, author of Becoming A Category of One, Never By Chance, and Indispensable qThis is good stuff-a journal, a workbook, a confessional memoir, a scholarly text, a resource manual, and a story. Woven together, it is indeed a new sort of book.q -Dale Brown, Director of the Buechner Institute and author of The Book of Buechner qAnyone who senses the soul's deep longing for celebration, restoration, delight, and movement toward something 'more' will find their place at the beautifully hospitable table set for Feast for the Jour ney.q -Pamela C. Hawkins, author of The Awkward Season and Simply WaitqThe Call: To Give Back In the midst of daily grinding bad news that dominates our vision, tucked behind many front page headlines ... they give away things they do not need anymore but would be invaluable to someone else; they play beautiful music for those who ... Flustered and running late for an appointment, I entered the interstate and prayed to make it to the car dealership so they could ... When I got to the dealership the mechanics greeted me and guided me to the service area.

Title:Feast for the Journey
Author:Karen Lee Turner, Nevin Compton Trammell
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-01


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