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Your life may travel many different paths, but it has only one true purpose. At the deepest level, your purpose is to find freedom, a way of being in which you feel simultaneously peaceful, powerful, happy, and productive. Yet if you are like most human beings, you may find that achieving this purpose seems to elude you. You look for it in different directions, only to find that it is not there. Despite your best efforts, you may still harbor anxiety, fear, anger, restlessness, or frustration. If so, you are like most of us. Why do we have such a difficult time creating the serenity, strength, and love that we all desire? Fear-Less Now proves unequivocally that the problem that keeps us from our own most cherished goal lies in the way our minds and hearts function, and not in our external circumstances. It also offers you a simple yet profound process for attaining what you really want. By systematically applying the tools of daily living recommended in this book, you can build the balance, serenity, and centeredness you desire. You can be the master of your self-liberation.A Manual for Healing and Self-Empowerment in a World of Crisis Ingrid Bacci, Ph .D. About. the. Author. Ingrid Bacci is an internationally recognized author, somatic healer, and inspirational trainer of physical, emotional and spiritualanbsp;...

Author:Ingrid Bacci, Ph.D.
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-05-25


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