Faulting and Magmatism at Mid-Ocean Ridges

Faulting and Magmatism at Mid-Ocean Ridges

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Faulting and Magmatism at Mid-Ocean Ridges surveys current understanding of the structure and constitution of mid-ocean-ridge spreading centers, the site of the largest and most active volcanic and extensional tectonic regimes on Earth. Experts in the field examine the fundamental processes that shape the topography of the spreading center and create the oceanic crust and lithosphere. This book can benefit the nonspecialist who wants to keep up with work on magmatism and tectonics, as well as researchers working on mid-ocean ridges.While the velocity anomalies shown in Figure 10 suggest that regional thermal structure may not change appreciably above ... The interaction of two or more threshold mechanisms may produce dynamic instability without large changes in the ... Both spatial and temporal variations in thermal structure would exercise a strong control on any of these mechanisms and may ... At time scales shorter than 105 years, the lithosphere is still within the inner valley floor at axial valley spreadinganbsp;...

Title:Faulting and Magmatism at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Author:W. Roger Buck
Publisher:American Geophysical Union - 1998-02-04


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