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When Juliember visits the mall one boring summer day, she doesna€™t expect a guya€”especially an annoying onea€”to suddenly spice up her life. Trying her best to extinguish any silly thoughts he may have of her, she verbally assaults him...several times. But Phaet is persistent. Falling into a strangely hostile friendship, the pair grows to need each other. As their hearts continue to push them together, outside forces work even harder to pull them apart. Phaet blames his unusually bad lucka€”Juliember blames her overprotective dad. The fact remains, though, that something doesna€™t want them together. Unable to remain a€˜just friendsa€™ any longer, Juliember makes the mistake of a lifetime. But is it just a mistake or is Phaeta€™s fate coming true?a€œThat is the alternator. Sorry I took off, I just had to do ... Her car was nicea€”a red Ford Focus. I teased Phaet as he kept trying to push in a ... Phaet was in luck, they did happen to have the correct model of alternator. I wandered around the storeanbsp;...

Author:Shalaena Medford
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-03-21


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