Family Tree

Family Tree

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Home sweet home When struggling single mom Laura McIntyre sold her ranch and moved to town, she thought it would be a fresh start. But then her precocious son, Dylan, kept returning to his beloved tree house like a homing pigeona€”and ruffling the handsome new owner's feathers in his brand-new roost! Brandon Marsh had thought he'd purchased a parcel of solitudea€”not a place besieged by a stubborn little boy. And though the brooding bachelor was determined to be left alone, young Dylan began digging a toehold in his granite hearta€”and so did the boy's pretty mom! Suddenly Brandon was promising to strengthen the tree house's foundationa€b. Could he be thinking the ranch was built for at least a family of three?There was a small, dirty boy leaning against his car, running the wheels of a plastic car over the hood. a€œHey, a€ he ... a€œI didna#39;t break your car, but you scratched mine, a€ Brandon said, examining the deep scratches in the mirror-smooth hood of his new car. a€œWhat happened? ... a€œNaturally Ia#39;ll pay for the repair.a€ a€œThat wona#39;t beanbsp;...

Title:Family Tree
Author:Carol Grace
Publisher:Harlequin - 2013-05-15


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