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With new perils and pitfalls, David and Mallory, attack life and business with energy and zest. In spite of love and commitment, they find it sometimes hard to communicate and agree in some important areas. This amidst business crises and the demands of a growing family! From chapter 1, as Mallory takes desperate measures to protect her daughter and herself from the clutches of a determined international criminala€™s kidnapping attempts, she faces legal challenges as a result of her actions. And David, racked with guilt at the disappearance of a pouch of valuable diamonds, goes to desperate measures to cover up and correct his mistake. Follow them as they make new friends and branch out with their business ventures. The Faulkner family, Erik and Suzanne; the Sanders; the John Anderson family, Shay, Shannon, and Delia; and finally, Donovan Cline contribute to the love and drama. With some close calls and narrow escapes, can David and Mallorya€™s love deepen and truly meld them into a family forged?Yes, Sir, an older model of Jetta; faded navy. One of our employees ... He drank the church service in eagerly, humming to Davida#39;s violin offertory with Mallorya#39;s piano accompaniment. Then the message veered from the pastora#39;s normal routine ofpreaching a series of sermons, to address a current event in light of the Bible.

Author:Paula Rae Wallace
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-07-16


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