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In his book Faithonomics, K. Brad Stamm brings together the Scriptures, basic economic principles, and popular culture in an entertaining way, appealing to the informed and the uninformed about economics and Christian worldview. If you want to learn about a topic more talked about than the weather, or if you want to reflect on your spiritual life from a new perspective, Faithonomics is a book that will encourage, enrich, and bring new insight.MARKETING DEPARTMENTS and public relations firms are quite good at getting us to anticipate a new version of the iPhone, a sequel ... Typical shopping experiences can turn into frenzies during the holiday season when prices are advertised as being ... however, the opposite can occur when prices continue to somewhat irrationally go down or up, such as we see in stock market bubbles or crashes.

Author:K Brad Stamm
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2012-05-17


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