Faith Shift

Faith Shift

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Hope for spiritual refugees, church burnouts, and freedom seekers. After years of participating in a comfortable faith tradition, many find themselves in a spiritual wilderness, feeling disillusioned with church, longing for more freedom and less religion in their lives. If that describes you, youa€™re in good company. Countless men and women are in the middle of a shifting faitha€”and arena€™t sure where to turn. What if you discovered that losing beliefs doesna€™t mean you have to lose your faith? Pastor, friend, and spiritual director Kathy Escobar has journeyed with many who have experienced significant shifts in the faith they once considered unchangeable. Through their stories and her own, Kathy has discovered that growth and change are natural parts of life in our relationship with God. Filled with honest stories and practical insights, Faith Shift gives language to what many experience as their faith evolves. With an inviting blend of vulnerability and hope, it addresses the losses that come with spiritual shifts and offers tangible practices for rebuilding a free and authentic faith after it unravels. What feels like an ending can become a new beginning. Includes personal reflection and group discussion questions at the end of each has numerous translations worth experimenting with). a€c Practice ... a€cAfter reading one of Jesusa#39;s parables ora different passage, ask yourself these questions. Journal your answers, ifyou like: What is adifferent title for it?

Title:Faith Shift
Author:Kathy Escobar
Publisher:Convergent Books - 2014-10-21


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