Faith and You, Volume 2

Faith and You, Volume 2

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More thoughtful essays by Terry Pluto (qthe sportswriter who writes about faithq), based on his popular Plain Dealer column qFaith and You.q These plain and personal musings cover topics we all face in everday life: insults and what they really mean, prayers that don't seem to get answered, endless sibling rivalry, figuring out how to our fathers, dealing with the loss of a pet, and more. Pluto writes for people who may not always feel confident in their beliefs but know faith is still important to them . . . For people who sometimes get mad at their church or disagree with their pastor yet don't want to lose the spiritual side of their lives . . . For people of different faiths or backgrounds or who aren't even sure they're religious. These essays doesn't claim to have all the answers, but the questions they raise give readers something to think about all week.More Essays on Faith in Everyday Life Terry Pluto. look for it and tell her. 12. Never criticize her ... This is an interesting concept put forth in a terrific book by Gary Chapman called The 5 Love Languages. For my wife, ita#39;s spending time with her.

Title:Faith and You, Volume 2
Author:Terry Pluto
Publisher:Gray & Company, Publishers - 2012


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