Failed Evidence

Failed Evidence

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With the popularity of crime dramas like CSI focusing on forensic science, and increasing numbers of police and prosecutors making wide-spread use of DNA, high-tech science seems to have become the handmaiden of law enforcement. But this is a myth, asserts law professor and nationally known expert on police profiling David A. Harris. In fact, most of law enforcement does not embrace sciencea€”it rejects it instead, resisting it vigorously. The question at the heart of this book is why. ArAr Eyewitness identifications procedures using simultaneous lineupsa€”showing the witness six persons together, as police have traditionally donea€”produces a significant number of incorrect identifications. ArAr Interrogations that include threats of harsh penalties and untruths about the existence of evidence proving the suspecta€™s guilt significantly increase the prospect of an innocent person confessing falsely. ArAr Fingerprint matching does not use probability calculations based on collected and standardized data to generate conclusions, but rather human interpretation and judgment.Examiners generally claim a zero rate of error a€“ an untenable claim in the face of publicly known errors by the best examiners in the U.S. Failed Evidence explores the real reasons that police and prosecutors resist scientific change, and it lays out a concrete plan to bring law enforcement into the scientific present. Written in a crisp and engaging style, free of legal and scientific jargon, Failed Evidence will explain to police and prosecutors, political leaders and policy makers, as well as other experts and anyone else who cares about how law enforcement does its job, where we should go from here. Because only if we understand why law enforcement resists science will we be able to break through this resistance and convince police and prosecutors to rely on the best that science has to offer. Justice demands no less. Visit the author's blog here.But Pinellas County sherifl Everett Rice saw no problem and no need to change police procedures. The fact that the errors ... When mistakes occur, a€œita#39;s the defendanta#39;s attorneya#39;s job to find these things out.a€ In Georgia, even in the face of five exonerations based on DNA in her state, 38 all based in whole or in part on eyewitness misidentification, District Attorney Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming of DeKalb County resisted the need for any legislation requiring better eyewitness identificationanbsp;...

Title:Failed Evidence
Author:David A. Harris
Publisher:NYU Press - 2012-09-03


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