Eyes of the Devil

Eyes of the Devil

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Jason started life off with three strikes against him. He was born on a sacrificial altar that his mother was sacrificed on during a Satanic Ritual. Jason's father was the leader of the satanic cult known as a€œSatana€™s 7 Demon Knightsa€ that were conducting the ritual. Jason's mother was being sacrificed because she wanted out of her husband's satanic cult. Jason's father raised the sacrificial knife and drove it through his wife's heart as she screamed in agony. As her blood dripped off of the sacrificial altar, Jason's father cut open her belly reached inside and pulled his newborn baby son out and dipped his finger in his wife's blood. Then Jason's father drew a pentagram on his son's forehead and proceeded to read some verses of the satanic bible to welcome his son into his cult, Satana€™s 7 Demon Knights. Jason had no idea he was going to be molded into one of the most evil men this town has ever known.Jason started life off with three strikes against him.

Title:Eyes of the Devil
Author:Drac Von Stoller
Publisher:Drac Von Stoller - 2012-01-26


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