Extraordinary Space

Extraordinary Space

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Extraordinary Space is a work of science fiction that blends romance and adventure with a newly postulated scientific thesis. In the novel, a new direction of travel available to humans is discovered mathematically and later brought to reality by the main character Lyte Donner. Lyte, with the help of his female assistant Jaseta Zee, makes use of his newly developed technology in a variety of ways including erradicating drug rings, dissolving street gangs, busting international terrorist organizations, and many others. Due to ordinary forces of Earth gravity, this new direction of travel has gone unrealized until Lyte neutralizes gravity in a realistic way consistent with current cutting edge technology. Lyte then balances all other forces that could cause movement in every heretofore known direction and this in turn causes movement in the path of least resistance which is in the new direction. The novel refers to this new direction as the fourth dimension but hold on to your hats because this is not the usual concept of the fourth dimension. Much theory and fiction have already been advanced about the fourth dimension time-space continuum but this novel deals with none of that. New science is proposed in the novel and the new direction of movement is the result of extending the rules of 3-dimensional Euclidean space to 4-dimensional space. It is Euclidean Four Space. Before arguing the point, the question is who can prove that this space doesnt exist? Caution is called for here. Proceed with an open mind. Lyte uses a device called the INTEGRAL to move into the new space which fully encompasses every point in the old ordinary space. A person reading the novel for the first time will likely make judgments based of his/her circle of knowledge and frame of reference and could refer to the INTEGRAL as a Teleportation device. This is new science. It would be a mistake to call the INTEGRAL a Teleportation device. The characters simply move into a new space. They are not teleported anywhere. Teleportation was probably a term new to many of us and introduced by the entertainment industry during the 1960s. We have advanced far beyond that and few if any of the old cliches are adequately able to describe the new science axiomated by the novel. It took several years to develop and complete the novel. The novel was completed prior to the events of 9/11/01. Ironically, Lyte Donner's first lead to terrorists in the book was centered around a pair of Middle Easterners traveling from London to Paris. The subject of terrorism is a major part of the book. The novel culminates on a complication of terrorism, which is resolved nicely. The book is alive with patriotism (again written even before the events of 9/11/01). Patriotism is now alive and well again in our country. It is a popular thing at present and throughout the novel, patriotism is thrust to the forefront. The book even explains how and why patriotism was subdued for such a long period of time, from Lyte's point of view of course. In the book, the term Ground Zero is used in its original sense. The term has now become a well recognized and repeated term. The book is appropriate for the time. The events described in the book are purely ficticious. Any resemblences to real events is strictly coincidental. Although the events in the book are fictional, some (but not all) of the events in the book carry an underlying theme that should be the concern of every American citizen.One of the men said, a€œWhat about the repair shop. I was charged $35 just for an estimate on a microwave repair. The guy kept it ... If the cost is too much, an owner would request not to complete the repairs but to put the set back together.

Title:Extraordinary Space
Author:Stan Burns
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2005-08


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