Extraordinary Canadians Glenn Gould

Extraordinary Canadians Glenn Gould

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Glenn Gould, one of the worlda€™s most renowned classical musicians of the twentieth century, was also known as an eccentric geniusa€”solitary, headstrong, a hypochondriac virtuoso. Abandoning stage performances in 1964, Gould concentrated instead on mastering the various media: recordings, radio, television, and print. His sudden death at age fifty stunned the world, but his music and legacy continue to inspire. Philosopher and critic Mark Kingwell regards Gould as a philosopher of music whose ideas about music governed his life. But those ideas were contradictory, mischievous, and deliberately provocative. Instead of a single narrative line to explain the musician, Kingwell adopts a kaleidoscopic approach. Just as Gould played twenty-one a€œtakesa€ to record the opening aria in the famed 1955 Goldberg Variations, Kingwell offers twenty-one a€œtakesa€ on Goulda€™s life. Each version offers a different interpretation of the man, but in each, Kingwell is sensitive to the complex harmonies and dissonances that sounded throughout the life of the great Gould.Thesyndrome itself, firstincluded inthe American Psychiatric Associationa#39;s diagnosticmanual in 1994, is farfrom stable as a medical ... He had limited interestsand anintense, even compulsive focus on those few that drovehim. ... If his lifetimeof devotion to hismuchrenovated Steinway piano, CD 318, is included, he may alsohave exhibited a€œidiosyncratic attachment to ... It doesnot explain theappeal ofhis playingany more thana biomechanical, or indeed asociobiological, account would.

Title:Extraordinary Canadians Glenn Gould
Author:Mark Kingwell
Publisher:Penguin Canada - 2009-09-22


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