Exploring Therapy, Spirituality and Healing

Exploring Therapy, Spirituality and Healing

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What place does spiritual need and healing have in the counselling room? Denying the spiritual dimension of personal distress can be potentially hurtful to clients, but the issue of spirituality is also fraught with professional and ethical issues for therapists. This book draws on original research to move the debate about spiritual need forwards in relation to therapeutic practice, supervision, and training. An international team of contributors offer a diverse range of perspectives to critically explore a wide spectrum of spiritual issues, including prayer, pastoral care and traditional healing. Edited by a leading figure in the field, this book: a€c Illuminates experiences of both clients and practitioners through detailed case vignettes a€c Draws on cutting-edge research in this growing field a€c Invites readers to address their own therapeutic practice with hands-on discussion points This measured and thoughtful approach provides a fascinating insight to an often complex and controversial topic. As such, the book is essential reading for trainees and practitioners of counselling and psychotherapy.It wouldbe unethical not tohavea spiritual supervisor/doorkeeper. ... of integrating paranormal occurrences and monitoring the appropriateness of such an intervention while checking for inappropriate use. a€c Inform through professional research undertaken in higher education and researching professionals in their own settings. ... Little(1986) refersto the psychoanalyst, who has undergone quitesubstantial training and is at a far advanced level of insight into psychological states.

Title:Exploring Therapy, Spirituality and Healing
Author:William West
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2010-12-13


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