Explaining the Unexplained

Explaining the Unexplained

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a€œStephen Ellisa€™ search for answers to unexplained things began in 1979. While visiting San Francisco, one night an image of a girl appeared before him in his room...a girl he later found out had been murdered in that room one month earlier. Shaking-off the natural tendency to disbelieve what he saw, Ellis began to research material on a€œghostsa€. He found that many people had ghostly experiences, but none had logical explanations for them. Ellis began to find that valid explanations existed, but had often been concealed by those seeking personal gain or distorted by some religious dogma. Explaining the Unexplained offers a no nonsense look at questions concerning reincarnation to ESP to ghosts. Ellis offers realistic answers to questions and events that, until now, have lacked rational explanation. Explaining the Unexplained investigates the worlda€™s most captivating mysteries and supports its views with strong, empirical and circumstantial evidence. If youa€™re looking for answers, this book is a a€œmust read.a€Logical answers to questions science has been unable to answer, or about which science has given us unreasonable answers. Ia#39;m certain there will be many readers who will disagree with me for trying to use simple logic or common sense to challenge our noble institutions of science. ... There is no hard, scientific, evidence for the theories set forth in this book, but then, there is really no hard, scientific, anbsp;...

Title:Explaining the Unexplained
Author:Stephen Ellis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-08-16


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