Exotic Plant Pests and North American Agriculture

Exotic Plant Pests and North American Agriculture

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Exotic Plant Pests and North American Agriculture examines the threat posed by exotic pests introduced to North American agriculture. It considers the impact of introduced pests on humans, and it highlights the need for intensified research efforts and international cooperation to prevent further introductions. Organized into 17 chapters plus an epilogue, this volume begins with a historical overview of pest introductions, including insects and mites, and possible introductions in the future. It then discusses the impact of introduced weeds in North America; ecology and genetics of exotic species; how to detect and stop pest introductions; and research on exotic insects, plant pathogens, and weeds. The reader is also introduced to the use of exotic natural enemies for biological control of exotic pests, prediction of potential epidemics caused by exotic pests, insurance against exotic plant pathogens, and international cooperation on controlling exotic pests. Scientists, plant pathologists, ecologists, and those working in academics, government research laboratories, and regulatory agencies will benefit from reading this book.Another hurdle in tree research is the frequent difficulty in obtaining genetic uniformity of test plants. ... Second, it is a well-established principle of zoogeography that an organism from a larger land mass area will tend to replace an ... A case in point is the high rate of colonization of new species of organisms in Hawaii.

Title:Exotic Plant Pests and North American Agriculture
Author:Charles Wilson
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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