Excess Homicide

Excess Homicide

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HP Hanson's Four Corners Mysteries from 1stBooks Library The Dean's Murders (2000) qFresh and lively...delivered through prose that is clean and fluid...a crackershot story. Weathers is so well characterized that he reminded me of some of my favorite professors from college.q (Writer's Digest) Classical Villainy (2001) qA well-developed story...with a well-constructed plot that is...a pleasure to follow. Perhaps Hanson has rightly seen that the next unexplored territory in Southwestern mysteries might be the unfathomable peculiarities of the Anglo.q (Santa Fe New Mexican) And now... The Four Corners region is swept by a wave of serial murders, murders so professional that they remain unconnected for months. A Nazi prison-camp diary, mailed to a wealthy industrialist, describes gruesome medical experiments on inmates. A rag-tag band of environmental activists turns to arson as a means of self-expression. Nothing makes much sense until detective Annette Trieri joins the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to take the case. With suitably academic help from her favorite Dean, Hal Weathers, she uncovers a conspiracy that extends deep into the Colorado legislature and places the US President in mortal danger. Ultimately, she finds a way to corral the people behind Excess Homicide.Therea#39;s a white Ford Expedition parked at a car parts store close by, a rental.a€ a€œ Wherea#39;d they go?a€ Walt Jankowski was ever practical. a€œIa#39;m certain they went to the X-S Ranch headquarters, a cluster of buildings and cabins southwest ofNorwood anbsp;...

Title:Excess Homicide
Author:HP Hanson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2003-05-21


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