Excel 97 Secrets

Excel 97 Secrets

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With Excel firmly established as the most popular and powerful spreadsheet program around, you might expect Microsoft to slack off a bit. Excel 97 Secrets, however, proves that the folks up in Redmond have not been idle. In this in-depth guide to Excel 97's most advanced featuresa€”including many not covered in the official documentationa€”Excel know-it-alls Patrick J. Burns and Alison Barrows reveal tips and techniques to boost you right to the top of the learning curve. With Excel 97 Secrets, you get up to speed quickly no matter which earlier version you've been using. Burns and Barrows orient you and provide clear explanations and practical examples of how to Take advantage of 16 levels of undo (if only life were so easy?) Publish worksheets and workbooks on the World Wide Web, for everyone on the Internet to see or for only your workgroup or organization to see Use enhanced PivotTables (they're not only more powerful now, but also they're easier to use) Enjoy near-WYSIWYG editing Run queries in the background Build formulas using more natural labels rather than abstract cell addresses Share workbooks with your workgroupa€”and cobble together budgets and proposals more easily than ever before Increase productivity by automating tasks with Visual Basic for Applications Plus, Excel 97 Secrets comes complete with a CD-ROM packed with outstanding shareware, freeware, demos, and VBA programming utilities.The categories were only typed in on the Administration sheet; Excel formatted the width of Column A automatically. ... HASED CERVICESa#39; 2 Repairs aamp; Maintenance 2 Repairs aamp; Maintenance 3 Rental Building 3 Rental Building 4 Rentalanbsp;...

Title:Excel 97 Secrets
Author:Partick Burns, Alison Barrows
Publisher:Wiley - 1997-06-17


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