Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

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This textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the increasingly important and fascinating science of evolutionary psychology, which attempts to understand the mind and behavior in terms of the evolutionary pressures that shaped them. The text carefully integrates evolutionary ideas with those of mainstream academic psychology to complement traditional courses and offers abundant critical evaluation. Topics covered include cognitive and social development, language, emotion, and evolutionary psychopathology. Each chapter features: Preview and list of key terms Text boxes containing interesting supplementary material Summary of key ideas Guide to further reading.348-9, 358-60, 362 horizontal transmission. 366-7 and language ... 347 see also cultural transmission: memes; memetics culturegens, 349 Cummins. D. D.. and R. ... John, and Irv DeVore Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV). 327. 333.

Title:Evolutionary Psychology
Author:Lance Workman, Will Reader
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2004


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