Evolutionary Algorithms and Intelligent Tools in Engineering Optimization

Evolutionary Algorithms and Intelligent Tools in Engineering Optimization

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Evolutionary Algorithms are very powerful techniques used to find solutions to real-world search and optimization problems. They are artificial intelligence techniques which mimic nature according to Darwin's principal of the qsurvival of the fittestq in order to explore and explode large search space and find near-global optima. In this book, a large spectrum of innovative evolutionary and intelligence methods are presented and used for solving various application problems, name and among others: Genetic Algorithms, Evolutions Strategies or Constrained Optimization, Genetic Programming, Sampling Methods in Evolutionary Computation, Tabu Methods, Metamodelassisted Evolutionary Algorithms, Multi Objective Robust Design, Hierarchical Asynchronous Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms, Micro Distributed Genetic Algorithms and Hybrid Optimization. The reader will easily access the comprehensive methods described in the fourteen chapters that work impressively well on practical problems representative of real engineering situations in the areas of Control, Electronics, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Turbomachinery and Medical Engineering and Energy. This collective book, written by internationally recognized experts in the fields of evolutionary design optimization, will therefore be of significant interest and value to computer scientists, researchers and post graduate students, and practicing senior or young engineers involved in complex design Optimization problems.Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization: Formulation, Discussion, and Generalization. In [22], pp.416- 423, ... [23] Gen, M. and R. Cheng, Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Design, John Wiley, New York, (1997). [24] Goldberg, D.Eanbsp;...

Title:Evolutionary Algorithms and Intelligent Tools in Engineering Optimization
Author:William Annicchiarico
Publisher:Wit Pr/Computational Mechanics - 2005


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