Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge

Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge

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Offering compelling photos, engaging examples, and select studies by anthropologists in a variety of locations around the globe, Haviland, Walrath, Prins and McBride present evolution and prehistory in vivid, accessible terms, and show students how the field is relevant to understanding the complex world around them. The authors present the fundamental concepts from a holistic perspective using three unifying themes to frame the text: 1) the varied ways humans face the challenges of existence, 2) the connections between culture and biology in shaping the course of human evolutionary history as well contemporary beliefs and behavior, and 3) the impact of globalization on the continued survival of our species and planet. This edition offers a new Chapter 4, Primate Behavior, which examines the sophisticated behavior and communication abilities of the great apes and other anthropoid primates, as well as current ethical considerations over the use of primates in medical research. The vital issue of primate conservation is expanded and integrated into our survey of the living primates. Reorganized, streamlined, and richly illustrated human evolution chapters provide the same material vital for an introductory course in human origins as in previous editions but do so with fewer pages of text. In this edition, they have added new topics to the popular Globalscape, a map/story/photo feature that highlights specific examples of globalization and prompts students to think critically about its scope and consequences. Furthermore, the texta€™s strong supplements program provides instructors and students with a wealth of resources designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.For example, the Great Pyramid for the tomb of Khufu, the Egyptian pharaoh, is 755 feet long (236 meters) and 481 feet high (147 meters); it contains about 2.3 million stone ... Writing allowed early governments to track accounts of their food surplus, tribute records, and other business receipts. ... Figure 11.5 The impermanence of spoken words contrasts with the relative permanence of written records.

Title:Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge
Author:William Haviland, Dana Walrath, Harald Prins, Bunny McBride
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2010-03-05


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