Evolution 2.0

Evolution 2.0

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Why Almost Everyone Is Wrong about Evolution (and It's Not Why You Think) In one corner: Atheists like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Jerry Coyne. They insist evolution happens by blind random accident. Their devout adherence to Neo-Darwinism omits the latest science, glossing over crucial questions and fascinating details. In the other corner: Intelligent Design advocates like William Dembski, Stephen Meyer, and Michael Behe. Most defy scientific consensus, maintaining that evolution is a fraud. There is a third way. Evolution 2.0 reveals experiments which prove that, while evolution is not a hoax, neither is it random nor accidental. Changes are targeted, adaptive, and aware. Youa€™ll discover: How organisms re-engineer their genetic destiny in real time Amazing systems living things use to re-design themselves Every cell is armed with machinery for editing its own DNA The five amazing tools organisms use to alter their genetics 70 years of scientific discoveriesa€”of which the public has heard virtually nothing! This book will open your eyes and transform your thinking about life, evolution, and God. Youa€™ll gain a deeper appreciation for our place in the universe. Youa€™ll see the world around you as youa€™ve never seen it before. Evolution 2.0 pinpoints the central mystery of biology, offering a minimum three million dollar prize to the first person who can solve it.Scientists have a term, methodological naturalism, which says that in the lab, you dona#39;t assume miracles; you always assume natural processes. ... The only way to find a natural explanation is to fully acknowledge the inference to design and thus outline the exact questions that a natural explanation must answer. ... Thata#39;s because many people interpret faith to mean a€œblind faith, a€ faith without evidence.

Title:Evolution 2.0
Author:Perry Marshall
Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc. - 2015-09-01


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