Evil Machines

Evil Machines

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How do you feel about your phone? Or your car? You probably don't think about them much, except when they go wrong. But what if they go really wrong and turn properly bad a€“ evil, even? Join Terry Jones on a hilariously disturbing journey into the dark heart of machines that go wrong: meet the lift that takes people to places they don't want to go, the vacuum cleaner that's just too powerful, the apparently nice bomb, the truthful phone, the terrifying train to anywhere, and Mrs. Morris, a little old lady from Glasgow who turns out to be a very resourceful heroine... Brisk and cheerful on the outside, but as edgy and uncomfortable as any of Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected within, Terry Jones's collection of thirteen cautionary fables will make you look at the 'helpful' inventions that surround you in a very different way. A brilliantly-written and gleefully mischievous book, suitable for Luddites of all ages or anyone who likes a bit of Pythonesque edge to their silliness.sniffed a battered Ford Transit van. a#39;What hope ... a#39;Can these children repair us?a#39; shouted an ... a#39;We will hold these children as hostages, here in the Forgotten Forest, until each of you abandoned cars have been restored and repaired. One caranbsp;...

Title:Evil Machines
Author:Terry Jones
Publisher:Random House - 2011-11-10


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