Evidentiality in Interaction

Evidentiality in Interaction

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In recent decades, linguists have significantly advanced our understanding of the grammatical properties of evidentials, but their social and interactional properties and uses have received less attention. This volume, originally published as a special issue of Pragmatics and Society (issue 3:2, 2012), draws together complementary perspectives on the social and interactional life of evidentiality, drawing on data from diverse languages, including Albanian, English, Garrwa (Pama-Nyungan, Australia), HuamalAses Quechua (Quechuan, Peru), Nanti (Arawak, Peru), and Pastaza Quichua (Quechuan, Ecuador). The language-specific studies in this volume are all based on the close analysis of discourse or communicative interaction, and examine both evidential systems of varying degrees of grammaticalization and 'evidential strategies' present in languages without grammaticalized evidentials. The analyses presented draw on conversational analysis, ethnography of communication, ethnopoetics, pragmatics, and theories of deixis and indexicality, and will be of interest to students of evidentiality in a variety of analytical traditions.Students of language use in interaction, on the other hand, who are largely concerned with evidential strategies rather than ... and cross-culturally with epistemic modal implicatures (see, e.g. Boye and Harder 2009:27a€“28, Mushin 2001:23a€“26, this ... the expression of interactantsa#39; certainty regarding the truth of utterances looms large in local communicative practices, as it does in English ( Chafe 1986).

Title:Evidentiality in Interaction
Author:Janis Nuckolls, Lev Michael
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing Company - 2014-06-15


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