Every Second

Every Second

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Terror claws into the lives of an American familya€b On a quiet night in their tranquil suburban home, the Fulton family awakens to a nightmare. Four armed men force bank manager Dan Fulton to steal a quarter million dollars from his brancha€”strapping remote-detonation bombs on him, his wife, Lori, and their young son. A relentless reporter discovers an agonizing secreta€b The FBI moves swiftly with a major investigation while Kate Page, a reporter with a newswire service, digs deep into the story. In the wake of the Fulton family's abduction, questions emerge, including one of the most troubling: is the case linked to Lori Fulton's tragic past? Time ticks down on a chilling plana€b Working as fast as they can, Kate and the investigators inch closer to a devastating trutha€”it's not only the Fultons' lives at stake, but thousands of othersa€band every second counts in the race to save them.Whata#39;s your problem, anyway?a€ a€œIa#39;m telling you for the last time.a€ Varner jabbed a finger toward Kate. a€œDo not jeopardize this case.a€ a€œAnd Ia#39;m telling you, Ia#39;m not going away.a€ 17 Roseoak Park, New York Gabe Atwatera#39;s Jeep Patriot accelerated.

Title:Every Second
Author:Rick Mofina
Publisher:MIRA - 2015-10-01


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