Ever Upward

Ever Upward

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a€œWhen are you having kids?a€ a€œWhy dona€™t you just adopt?a€ These innocent, well-meaning questions everyone asks couples, especially women of a certain age. To those 1 in 8 couples who undergo infertility treatments, these questions do not feel at all innocent or well-meaning, but invalidating to the battle theya€™re fighting and the difficulty and pain involved in the adoption process. qEver Upwardq is Justine Froelkera€™s surprising story of triumph over terrible luck. This is the story of how Justine redefined her childless life and learned to be okay, whole and happy with a full childfree life. qEver Upwardq is a story that resonates with many: a story of pain, struggle, recovery, triumph and acceptance. Ever Upward fills the current gap on the infertility bookshelf, providing a voice to those silenced by infertility, opening the conversation to the other side asking for understanding and acceptance of the path that sadly doesna€™t include children; challenging us all to consider more than one happy ending. qEver Upwardq is Justinea€™s story, and yet it is every womana€™s story, mother or not, because behind the wall of shamed silence, the smile and a€œI can do everythinga€ attitude lies millions of women suffering with the pain of infertility. Join Justine as she shows us that the connection to our stories is the only way back to the truth of who we are.We used Chada#39;s car to pull the trailer, his Honda Pilot. ... The house was filled with almost 4, 000 square feet of very old electronics, furniture, clothing in every size, hundreds of never worn shoes and purses in every size, shape and color, andanbsp;...

Title:Ever Upward
Author:Justine Froelker
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2014-10-01


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