Even Odder Perceptions

Even Odder Perceptions

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Our senses bring us all the information we have about the outside world, but do they tell the truth? If you've never questioned this before you may be about to. Take a stroll round the fertile garden of famous scientist Richard Gregory's mind. You will be led, through a series of whimsical tales and amusing anecdotes, to a personal vista of some of the most profound and puzzling questions in science today. Almost without realising you will be drawn into the debate on Hamlet's feelings, Schrodinger's cat, thinking machines and much more. You may be charmed, entertained, amused or confused but you will always be left pondering.This was an advanced wireless, for there was also a brightly glowing valve (a#39;tubea#39; in American) on its heavy insulated board supporting thick wires, going dead straight and at right angles, exactly like the circuit diagram drawn with a ruler. ... appealed to him, as he was an astronomer and astronomers are frequently baffled) by knocking a hole in a wall and mounting a huge speaker between two rooms.

Title:Even Odder Perceptions
Author:Richard Langton Gregory
Publisher:Psychology Press - 1994


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