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Estuaries are complex and fascinating natural environments, where constantly changing water depths generate rapidly reversing currents and transport vast quantities of salt, heat, and sediment on a daily basis. Estuaries: Monitoring and Modeling the Physical System examines these processes, offering extensive information about the geological evolution of estuaries, and details of bathymetry, tides, currents, salt and heat, and suspended sediment. By carefully building a working computer model which accurately emulates the complexities inherent in estuaries, students learn quickly to model the tides and currents, and then to build and test salinity, temperature, and suspended sediment modules. The book is supported by a supplimentary material at which includes: * Excel routines for individual formulae and diagrams * Full coding for the estuarine model THE ANALYSIS OF TIDAL STREAM POWER a€“ For Jack Hardistya€™s other book and the accompanying website please click here: 91 eustatic sea-level changes, 9 Forchhammer, G., 32 freshwater flow, 29, 97, 101, 112 Froude number, 89, 91 Galileo, 62 Gameson, A.L.H., 13, 18, ... S.N., 46 Le Hir, P., 126a€“7, 129 manual depth determination, 24 manual position fixing, 23 a€“4 Markofsky, M., 126 Masselink, G., 126, 132, 134 Massey, B.S., 85 mechanical echo-sounders, 24 mechanical flow sensors impellor current meter, 29 Metcalfe, anbsp;...

Author:Jack Hardisty
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-04-15


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