Esssential Nutrition

Esssential Nutrition

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I had Arthritis in my hands. My knees were so bad that my only options were Cortisone shots and knee replacements. My large intestine expanded and ruptured my stomach muscle above my navel. It could have pierced my skin. I had Type II Diabetes. I did not begin the nutrition plan. I was convinced that my physicians knew best. I believed that other people who claimed good results from natural treatments, were flukes. A friend gave me a tape by Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joel Wallach; titled qDead Doctors Don't Lie, q sparking a curiosity for alternative health care. I met Dr. Wallach for lunch. That meeting and that cassette tape changed my life. Doc's message was totally logical, and I verified that what he said was fact. However, I hesitated to resolve my health concerns. Like most people, I believed my doctors knew best. Who was I to go against the established norm? Then with chest pains, I was rushed to the hospital with an anxiety attack. For months afterward, my doctors performed tests and prescribed various drugs. They were certain my condition would only deteriorate. That shook me to my core, so I began a nutrition program. In only eleven weeks, my Arthritis was history! I could do deep knee bends from a standing position. The intestinal problem stopped, however I still have a naval protrusion. A few months later, my doctor said qWhatever you are doing, don't stop. You're fine.q With a smile, he said, qGet out of here, you healthy bum!q Most of the health problems I experienced were treated by some of the finest doctors at the prestigious La Jolla Scripps Greens Hospital. Since recovering, my goal has been to help others with their health needs. I thought of family, friends and numerous other people who could improve and reverse medical conditions by using the resources I found so beneficial. Most people I meet are comfortable with their short range view of their overall health. They believe whole-heartedly in the health care system, and rely on health insurance for all their health care needs. Most people exercise control of every area of their life, except when it comes to medical care. This amazes me. The experience of going from dismal health to great health has had a profound effect on my life. At first I just wanted to save my life. I immersed myself in whatever I could find on pertinent health subjects. After my health turned around, my quest for information on diseases became insatiable. I routinely visited web-sites offering educational material on diseases or health issues, and over a dozen years learned much. I have come to understand that nothing on earth is more complicated than the human body, God's best creation. These twelve years of self-training on health care and wellness have given me a new outlook beyond our medical care system, to the natural ways to maintain health. I also came to understand the major impact of politics in fostering a medical monopoly upon America. Internationally, we are in 43rd place. This works. I tell doubters; I was born in 1940. Considering my medical history, how would you explain my results? I don't look my age, yet a few years ago, I looked much older. I feel younger. In fact, I work with 20-year olds. They typically get tired, call in sick or need to take a break. They are three and a half times younger than me. They cal me the Energizer Bunny. Do not accept my words on face value; do your own research, learn some of what I have learned and form your own opinion. Your well being and that of your loved ones may benefit, as I have obviously benefited from diligent research. I know hundreds of people who do what I do nutritionally. They don't suffer the illnesses so common to our neighbors. I hope you will be enlightened by this writing, and will contact me with your comments and questions. No I'm not a doctor I'm a Marine Corps veteran, with an advanced degree from the school of hard knocks, and a heart for researchI also came to understand the major impact of politics in fostering a medical monopoly upon America. Internationally, we are in 43rd place. This works. I tell doubters; I was born in 1940.

Title:Esssential Nutrition
Author:Tank Kobarg, Will David Mitchell
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2013-11


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