Essays on Selected Christian Topics

Essays on Selected Christian Topics

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These essays involve biblical topics which have special meaning to the author for one reason or another. The story of Noah is included because of a long fascination with the flood and the chapter on faith was precipitated by a study of the relationship of grace, faith, and works in the salvation process. It is hoped that all have been presented without bias, but it should be understood that all call for personal study and decisions based upon the guidance of the reader by the Holy Spirit. In determining a doctrinal stance or a course of behavior two cardinal rules should be followed. The first is to let your conscience be your guide and the second is to let a thorough study of the Word guide your conscience, I wish to thank the reader for considering my point of view and to urge you to weigh carefully what is presented to assure that God is leading you. If my point of view helps anyone in their effort to be led by God's Spirit to a fuller understanding of His Word, I will be grateful. Be assured, however, that I claim no credentials to biblical scholarship other than from my studies from standard versions of the Bible (KJV and NIV) with help from Cruden's Concordance and Webster's Dictionary.Should I be wrong on this, my request would be that all pray not only for my recovery but also that I be restored to age 30. ... Let us consider an example in which my daughter was attending college about 150 miles from home. Shirley and Ianbsp;...

Title:Essays on Selected Christian Topics
Author:Raymond E. Isbell
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-02


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