Essays on Non-classical Logic

Essays on Non-classical Logic

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This book covers a broad range of up-to-date issues in non-classical logic that are of interest not only to philosophical and mathematical logicians but also to computer scientists and researchers in artificial intelligence. The problems addressed range from methodological issues in paraconsistent and deontic logic to the revision theory of truth and infinite Turing machines. The book identifies a number of important current trends in contemporary non-classical logic. Among them are dialogical and substructural logic, the classification of concepts of negation, truthmaker theory, and mathematical and foundational aspects of modal and temporal logic. Contents: Fine-Grained Theories of Time (P Blackburn); Revision Sequences and Computers with an Infinite Amount of Time (B LAwe); On Frege's Nightmare: A Combination of Intuitionistic, Free and Paraconsistent Logics (S Rahman); Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity (S Read); Global Definability in Basic Modal Logic (M de Rijke a H Sturm); Ackermann's Implication for Typefree Logic (K Robering); Why Dialogical Logic? (H Rckert); Semantics for Constructive Negations (Y Shramko); Recent Trends in Paraconsistent Logic (M Urchs); Obligations, Authorities, and History Dependence (H Wansing). Readership: Graduate students and researchers in philosophical logic and mathematical logic, as well as computer scientists in artificial intelligence.qIn Wansing (1998) an example of the history dependence of obligation reports is presented. ... that not Q. Suppose that at the present moment, time branches into the histories hl and h2 and, moreover, that at the next moment with respect to hl, anbsp;...

Title:Essays on Non-classical Logic
Author:Heinrich Wansing
Publisher:World Scientific - 2001-01-01


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