Essays on Immigration

Essays on Immigration

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qIn America, everything was possible, q recalls Louis Adamic of Slovenia. qThere even the common people were 'citizens, ' not 'subjects' . . . a citizen, or even a non-citizen foreigner, could walk up to the President of the United States and pump his hand. Indeed, that seemed to be a custom in America.q The history and experience of immigration remain central to American culture, past and present. This anthology surveys the recollections of emigrants from around the world who sought new lives in the United States. Their stories range in mood and setting from the misery of an Englishman in colonial Virginia, bound by indentured servitude, to the cultural commentary of an Iranian woman in California. Poignant, eye-opening reflections include those of a Polish sweatshop laborer, a Chinese businessman, an Italian bootblack, and a Ukrainian musician, in addition to observations and reminiscences by Jacob Riis, Edwidge Danticat, Junot DAsaz, and other well-known authors.This essay tells the story ofhis a€œhomecominga€ to the Dominican Republic amid a bad ght with a girlfriend. ... Me and the girlfriend had decided to spend our vacation in Santo Domingo, a big milestone for me, one of the biggest, really: my rst time a€œhomea€ in nearly ... when I was six years old; and it would improve my Spanish.

Title:Essays on Immigration
Author:Bob Blaisdell
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 2013-11-19


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